Dear CIRT Members:

In light of the President invoking the “Defense Production Act,” I have received initial queries through high level Administration officials seeking assistance from CIRT members to combat the national emergency created by the COVID-19 pandemic. [This inquiry is coming from WH personnel detailed to the HHS Department, Secretary Azar’s office].

As you know from White House briefings, news reports, and coverage the Administration is looking to cooperate with the private sector to mobilize a rapid response to the needs as they become apparent. One area that has been identified as a growing potential concern is the protective gear and materials necessary for medical front-line caregivers and other first responders to address what may become a large number of infected patients. In particular: face masks, gloves, any types of inhalers, and or other hazmat coverings for individuals, as well as any appropriately useful containing materials that could be used to seal or at least greatly contain spaces/buildings/rooms etc. (as would be common in demolition, asbestos containment, etc.).

As leading firms in the design and construction community, our position together as an association makes us one of the first to be asked. To be productive and responsive, I want to ask you to respond to a simple set of questions to get a handle on what we may have collectively. If you can, please respond to this survey at your earliest convenience. Thank you, MARK

Do you have any stores/extra stocks or sharable numbers of: surgical masks, N-95 masks, gloves, gowns, respirators, ventilators, coveralls, foot covers, and/or body suits, etc. [i.e., Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)]? *

If yes, are they in sizable numbers you could share (i.e., somewhat proportional to your field employee numbers?

Do you have containment materials, gear, and/or machinery to keep spaces either isolated and/or clean? *

Finally, would you be willing and able to share/donate or otherwise volunteer these items on a short notice if needed and asked to mobilize? *

Please provide your name & company. *